The Hoyle Gallery

Portrait of Artist's Wife, by Harold Knight

Portrait Laura Knight, by Harold Knight

The Hoyle Gallery, with its Head Office in Halifax, West Yorkshire, works in conjunction with Private and supplier of fine art, numismatic, philatelic, ceramic and militaria images to both private and corporate clients, and has the UK’s largest collection of works by Martin Dutton SWaC, Vice-President of the Devon Art Society. The Society is one of the most prestigious art societies in the UK, its first President being Dame Laura Knight in 1912.

The Gallery brings to the North of England the ambiance hitherto only to be found in the major London galleries, and it houses, at its York restoration centre, a unique collection of works by the Bloomsbury Group, the Staithes Group, the St Ives Group and the 20th Century Modernists of the London and Euston Road Groups (sometimes referred to as the “Post-Bloomsbury Group”), together with major works from the 1780’s to the 1880’s.

Artists such as John Bratby, John Nash, Colin Hayes, Maurice Cockrill and David Tindle represent the period from what is familiarly known as the “Kitchen Sink” movement of the 1950’s to Contemporary Abstract. 250 years of British Art are thus represented in the Gallery, making its collection  the widest ranging of any private provincial gallery in the country.





Things to do and see around Halifax, West Yorkshire

Things to do and see around Halifax, West Yorkshire




If coming from a distance, you may wish to combine viewing with a visit:

to one or several World Heritage sites  (for which our region is renowned).


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